Obama Joins Cast Of “The Voice”


WASHINGTON D.C. — Following a successful drop-in with the ladies of “The View,” President Obama will continue his tour of American television with a guest-spot on next week’s episode of “The Voice,” News Makeup has learned.

The press-friendly Commander-in-chief, who has never shied away from the cameras, will sit next to Cee Lo Green and critique pop-star hopefuls as if a regular judge. Network executives have also confirmed that the commander-in-chief will make a brief cameo on “America’s Got Talent” the following day.

“The President really enjoys being on television,” said secret service staff member Glenn Gregory, “He loves the lights, the cameras, makeup – and especially the free food at craft service.”

In fact, Obama will spend the majority of October on camera; according to itinerary dockets released by his campaign, Obama will be stopping by ABC’s “The Chew,” “Dr. Oz,” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” where the president will berate wannabe chefs alongside Gordon Ramsey.

“American’s love TV,” said political correspondent David Axelrod, “Obama is no different.”

Opponents of the president believe the commander-in-chief should be investing his time and resources in Washington rather than Hollywood. Recent polls indicate a festering disillusionment with Obama’s intentions.

“Why isn’t he signing bills, and doing – you know – presidential shit?” former Obama supporter Told Lackey told reporters inside a Beltway bar. “I mean, I saw him on Jerry Springer, then Maury – even Judge Alex. Seriously?”

Reps for Obama maintain the president’s fascination with television illustrates his honest desire to connect with the American people though the medium most familiar to them.

“I will try to be on TV as much as possible,” Obama added. “There are no term limits, and you get residuals.”

[Photo Via Randall Stevens / Shutterstock.com]


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